Rooted Cherokee Purple Tomato Cutting

Not all plants are easy to start from cuttings, but it is super easy to create tomato plants from cuttings.  Starting tomato cuttings is faster than growing tomato plants from seeds and it is basically free if someone will let you take cuttings from their plants.  Another advantage of starting plants from cuttings is that it pretty much guarantees the strain of plant is the same as the plant you took the cutting from — with seeds there is always some possibility of genetic contamination.

Use Tomato Suckers

You can root almost any part of a tomato bush but the best part of the bush to use is the “sucker”.  Suckers are little little baby branches that grow between the main stem of the tomato bush and another branch.

Place the Cutting in a Jar of  Water

Cut off any side leaves or stems so that you are placing a single bare stem in the water with several leaves above the top of the water.

Keep the jar in shade until rootlets begin to form and then gradually give it some sun.  If the branch droops take it out of the sun.

Transplant the Cutting

When the branch is covered with a collection of roots two inches or longer it’s time to plant it.  Plant the cutting in the evening in loose, black, fertile soil; and give it a LOT of water.  It is best to transplant the cutting in cloudy weather — otherwise you may need to shield the rooted cutting from intense sunlight for a few days.  Mulch around the cutting and treat it like any other transplanted tomato bush.

Happy planting.