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How to Start Mint From Cuttings

Start with fresh tender sprigs of mint taken from the top of the plant. Fill a jar with water. A pint canning jar works well for fairly tall sprigs of mint. Otherwise use a shorter jar . . .

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Bacillus Thuringiensis Products

Index Safer Brand 5163 Caterpillar Killer II Concentrate, 16 oz DIPEL PRO DF Biological insecticide BT 54% 1 POUND BAG by Valent USA Bonide 803 Thuricide BT Insect Killer,...

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Weeds — A Garden Bonanza

Weeds . . . at least someweeds . . . can be put to use in your garden. Admittedly there are some types of weeds (wire-grass and nut-grass for example) that the planet would be better without, but other weeds are valuable as a sort of living green mulch to lay around plans like basil or tomato. In the center of the photo above is a basil plant I rooted in water from a cutting, surrounded by weeds I pulled up and laid next to it.  As you can see, the basil plant looks very happy....

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Lithium Battery Facts

Source, license Compare Lithium Ion Lead Acid Cost to Charge Vehicle Compared to Lead Acid ENERGY DENSITY BY WEIGHT. Lithium-ion batteries have 3 times the energy density by weight of lead-acid batteries.  This means that for the same weight, a lithium-ion battery contains 3 times as much energy.  Source YouTube — Lithium Ion Battery Explained. ENERGY DENSITY BY VOLUME. Lithium-ion batteries have 6 times the energy density by volume of lead-acid batteries.  This means that for the same volume (size)  a lithium-ion battery contains 6 times as much energy.  Source YouTube — Lithium Ion Battery Explained. MEMORY EFFECT. Lead-acid batteries have very little...

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